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Let's get acquainted! My name is Otchenash Zhanna Valentinovna.

I am an artist and art historian.

I am a Member of the Creative Union of Professional artists, Union of Professional artists and the all-Russia heraldic society.

I was born January 8, 1971 in the city of Angarsk in Irkutsk region.

I have created more than 300 paintings and graphic works.




In 1991 i graduated from the Irkutsk School of Arts, painting and teaching Department.

In 2002 i graduated from the Irkutsk State Technical University with the specialty of art.

My diplomas, certificates and gratitude, you can watch here.


1998 — Laureate of the 15th Regional conference «Youth. Creativity. Modernity» the city of Irkutsk.

2000 — the Diploma of 1 degree. Regional exhibition «Youth on the Threshold of the Third Millennium the city of Irkutsk».

2001 — the Diploma of 2 degrees. The 16th regional conference «Youth. Creativity. The present» Zonal tour. The City Of Irkutsk. Museum of art.

2006 — Laureate of the International art exhibition, in the framework of the international festival «Painting, Photography, Film». Italy, city Ferrara and Parma.


Since 1994 — member of international, foreign, regional, provincial and city exhibitions.

Personal exhibitions:

2001 — «Music Sounds». Japan. The City Of Nagoya. Private gallery.

2002 — «Impression of the Rising Sun». The City Of Angarsk. Center for the arts. The City Of Krasnoyarsk. Private gallery.

2003 — «Alone with Myself». The City Of Angarsk. Center for the arts. The City Of Irkutsk. Sibexpocentre.

2005 — «On the Stage of the Italian Festival». The City Of Angarsk. Center for the arts.

2006 — «Impression». South Korea. The City Of Seoul. Private gallery.

2008 — «Baykal». India, Penjab. The center of culture.

2008 — «the Illusion of the Holiday». The City Of Irkutsk. «The Museum Rogal».

2009 — «Spring». The City Of Angarsk. Center for the arts.

2010 — «Beauty will Save the World». The City Of Angarsk. Private gallery.

2014 — «the Color of Happiness or Happiness in Color». Exhibition dedicated to the 20th anniversary exhibition activities. The City Of Angarsk. Center for the arts.

2015 — «City and People». The City Of Angarsk. Center for the arts.

2016 — «Flowers in Winter». The City Of Angarsk. Center for the arts.

2016 — «the City with Love». The City Of Angarsk. Central library arts hall.

2017 — China International Trade & Investment Expo Manzhouli

My works are in private collections and galleries in Russia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, India, Germany, China.

The greatest happiness and most importantly a purpose for each of us: to be someone needs whether they are children or parents or just strangers who need you!

My happiness is my two daughters! Love them immensely, admire them, inspired by their clear eyes, a gentle trusting hands, revel in their love for me. And inspiration comes from the emotion, emotions that overwhelm you.

I'm happy to have the opportunity to express my feelings in painting! Everything I create is drawn on the canvas of love, happiness, pleasure, faith! I am really glad to share all these with you!


Each city has its own soul.

We find ourselves in a particular place of the wide world the will of fate is not accidental.

We're supposed to contribute or learn here.

And, even if we think that our mission is humble and insignificant.

We are parts of something important and big, and it is the Providence of our God.

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