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All or almost all children love to draw and sculpt. Art, like writing, has its own laws, its own methods, its alphabet, the ignorance which puts into a creative deadlock. It is no coincidence that many people do not grasp these laws, with age, loses interest in art, and it cheapens human development. It is very important to form the moral values and aesthetic taste of the child.

«Fine and decorative art» as complete course includes: drawing, painting, composition, as well as folk art. This system allows to fully develop the creative abilities of the child and adult (imagination, spatial thinking, sense of color), and also provides an opportunity for students to acquire skills of working with various art materials.

The task of the teacher is to awaken in each student the desire for artistic self-expression and creativity, to ensure that the work evoked a sense of joy and satisfaction.

The main thing in the art-studio is an individual approach to each student depending on his basic level of training and talent.

All it available in my creative workshop studio. Everyone can get individual lessons as well as themed master classes. Students of the studio Zhanna Otchenash have the opportunity to exhibit their work together with the teacher in the exhibition halls of the city! Here you will find a friendly atmosphere, individual approach, focus on your creative passions and cozy atmosphere of an art workshop!

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